Phytoplankton are the single celled photosynthetic microbes in aquatic systems. ThisĀ  remarkably diverse group of organisms initiates the marine carbon cycle, is the base of the aquatic food web, and is responsible for carbon sequestration in the deep ocean. They perform these functions across huge gradients of light and nutrient availability, temperatures, and in the face of unavoidable physical forces and predation. Therefore, there is a fundamental and complex relationship between phytoplankton and the climate.

The Halsey Lab studies how phytoplankton optimize theiCleo and Kim incubatorsr growth in response to different environmental conditions. This work aims to understand variability in phytoplankton behaviors in aquatic ecosystems by linking physiological characteristics to measurements made in the field or through remote sensing retrievals. Therefore, while the bulk of our research is laboratory/culture-based, we do have opportunities to participate in research cruises as well.

bethan samplingA primary goal in the lab is to maintain a positive team of scientists at varying stages of their academic careers with shared interest in understanding how these microbial systems work. We welcome inquiries about positions and potential projects available in the lab. Please explore further using the navigation tools above, or contact me directly.



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