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Over another big hurdle

Eric passed his preliminary exam! Making it over this hurdle is always worth celebrating – congratulations, Ph.D. candidate, Eric Moore!

Cleo receives an award

Congratulations to post doc Cleo Davie-Marin who received an award to study the volatile organic carbonĀ  metabolome. This award will help her to develop a new incubation technique to investigate VOC “fingerprints” produced by the abundant cyanobacterium, Synechococcus sp. This work builds on the momentum developed through her mentorship of undergraduate researcher, Duncan Ocel. Duncan and Cleo are an adventurous team, both scaling rocks and seeking other adventures whenever not in the lab, where they are also exploring new territory.

Kelsey…left her mark and now moving on

Congratulations to Kelsey!! She defended her MS on December 7, and a few weeks later packed her bags for sunny UCSB. Kelsey will be a culturing technician in Alyson Santoro’s lab. Kelsey was energetic, creative, and dedicated…qualities that are essential for graduate school. We will sure miss her humor…and look forward to hearing about her new adventures down south.

Duncan receives a scholarship

Duncan Ocel received the OSU Honors College DeLoach Work Scholarship to pursue investigations of VOCs produced by marine cyanobacteria. This scholarship will allow him to spend more hours in the lab – and we are happy with that outcome!

Congratulations, Eric!

Eric Moore was awarded the Middlekauf Graduate Achievement Award in Microbiology! He has made some exciting progress and discoveries that I hope we can announce soon…stay tuned!


Congratulations to THREE members of the lab for their very hard work that led to recent scholarship awards!

  • Dr. Cleo Davie-Martin ~ recipient of a 2015 Fall OSU OPA Professional Development Award.
  • Kelsey McBeain, graduate student ~ recipient of the 2015 Dick and Toshi Morita Scholarship.
  • Eric Moore, graduate student ~ recipient of the Middlekauf Graduate Teaching Assistantship Scholarship.

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