Four undergraduates are currently working in the lab on various projects. It is typical that undergrad researchers are paired with a graduate student or post-doc to carry out research projects. The dedication that all four of these undergrads have put into these projects is commendable, and will almost certainly result in authorship in upcoming manuscripts.

Bethany Moua has been completing experiments for her Honors thesis project that she will present Spring term.

Briana Bullington has worked in the lab for over a year – students that can commit to a longer stay in the lab become heavily engaged in their projects, and, like Briana, can make significant  research contributions.

Duncan Ocel is a Botany major conducting his own project on Synechococcus. I am confident that his self-motivation and curiosity will yield new, exciting results.

Beckie Wyse is part of the STEM leaders program. She is a freshman at OSU, and is “learning the ropes” in the lab, providing key support in media preparation and culture maintenance.